Are you the type of person that hates when someone says “light purple” when it is actually “lavender” or when they say “dark blue” instead of “navy“?
If you are a freak about color’s name as we are, this post if for you!

Everyone that works with colors understands the difference between “mint” and “pistachio” green and, being honest, we love to call all tints and shades of colors by their correct names.
Check out these amazing color charts made by the writer Indrig Sundberg with their correct names.

Color Shades Names

1. White

white color name

2. Tan

tan color name

3. Yellow

yellow color name

4. Orange

orange color name

5. Red

red color name

6. Purple

purple color name

7. Pink

pink color name

8. Green

green color name

9. Blue

blue color name

10. Brown

brown color name

11. Grey

grey color name

12. Black

black color name

More tools

Just in case you want more color names, look for all color shades names using the color code here.
Color palettes and fonts are one of the bases of any brand design.
Stay in touch for more design tips.


Reference: Digital Synopsis.