Fonts are important! They add value and personality to your text. Your choice of color, font, size of the text help readers perceive the information you are giving them.

You may want to catch their attention to read the most relevant information

or help them find an action or extra information easily.
or simply make the text easy to read.

There are two main typefaces or family-fonts: Serif and Sans-Serif.


Serif fonts are the ones that have small decorative lines that tail the letters, called serifs. This feature makes the font easier to read in print, as the human eye can identify the letters easier when the serif is present.
Examples: Times New Roman, Georgia, Book Antiqua.


Sans-Serif font letters don’t have a serif attached to them, making them ideal to display on small body copy as the web. They resize without distortion better than Serif fonts.
Examples: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica.

There are others family fonts such as Display, Handwriting, and Monospace. Google Fonts have an extended stuck of fonts that you can check out before creating your marketing materials or blogs.

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