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What is a Route in Web Development

What is a Route in Web Development?

A route in web development is like a map or a set of instructions that tells a website what to do when someone types a specific web address (URL) into their browser. When a user

Starting a website Hosting and Domain

Starting a website: Hosting and Domain

When I am going to start developing a new website, I first ask my clients: Do you already have a hosting plan?  What about a domain? Where is your domain hosted? Newbies (or not newbies)

Personal Wedding Website

Personal Wedding Website

What is a wedding website? The concept of a wedding website, or a website, has been around for a long time. Still, now more and more couples are creating their own websites to share and

Example of Landing Pages

All about Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page? A landing page is a marketing technique where a single web page encourages visitors to visit your business website, and it is usually used as an extension of an advertising.

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