Top Rated Plus Agency on Upwork

Ranked Top Rated Plus Agency on Upwork

The Route Options is ranked Top Rated Plus Agency on Upwork!

The Route Options is now a Top Rated Plus agency! This new status highlights our success on both large and long-term contracts with 100% positive outcomes over the past 12 months.

This means that we are part of the 3% top talent on Upwork delivering high-quality solutions and have proven success working on large contracts (over $30,000) and long-term contracts (more than 12 consecutive months). 

Thanks to our incredible team, we continue to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients with a delightful customer experience. We focus on building long-lasting relationships, and adjusting to your needs and goals, no matter how big or small your business is.

What is a Top Rated Plus Agency?


Let’s start from the beginning. Upwork is the most extensive work marketplace for freelancers and agencies to discover design and development projects (there are many other categories, too). 

One way agencies can stand out on Upwork is by earning a Top Rated Plus badge, a symbol of excellence and quality. However, getting this badge is no easy feat, and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

According to Upwork, the Top Rated Plus Badge is

A way of highlighting freelancers and agencies who consistently perform on large contracts at the highest level.

This badge is one of the highest honors that an agency can achieve on Upwork. It signifies that the agency has consistently provided clients with exceptional service and quality work. Earning this badge is a long journey, but definitely, one worth taking!

Requirements to Earn a Top Rated Plus badge


Here are the requirements that an agency needs to meet to earn a Top Rated Plus badge:

  1. Maintain a Job Success Score of 90% or higher: The Job Success Score is a metric that measures an agency’s overall client satisfaction.

  2. Meet the earning and work hour requirements: An agency needs to have earned at least $10,000 on Upwork, and have logged at least 1,000 worked hours.

  3. Maintain a 100% complete profile: An agency’s profile on Upwork is like a resume. A Top Rated Plus agency needs to have a complete profile that showcases its skills and experience.

  4. Consistently deliver high-quality work: Consistently deliver high-quality work to clients, proved by rating, client private and public feedback, response rate, and other Upwrok’s secret metrics.

  5. Maintain a strong client relationship: Have a strong relationship with clients. This means communicating clearly, delivering work on time, and going above and beyond to exceed client expectations.

It is indeed an honor to have earned the Top Rated Plus badge on Upwork, and we look forward to continuing to offer our clients premium customer service and outstanding work.

See some of our fantastic work below:

Seabob Project


Custom, easy-to-manage, private inventory system

Hibertec Homes


Designing a brand new website for HiberTec, a revolutionary start-up venture



Revamp for the world’s leading marketplace for social outcomes.

Need a website for your business? Check out our services, portfolio or contact us!

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We are a Full-Service Digital Agency, ranked Top Rated Plus Agency on Upwork with 100% Job Success Score.

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