Personal Wedding Website

Personal Wedding Website

What is a wedding website?

The concept of a wedding website, or a website, has been around for a long time. Still, now more and more couples are creating their own websites to share and collect information from guests that cannot be communicated or adapted to traditional wedding invitations.

The most common reason couples decide to create a wedding website is to help their guests find all the information they need to prepare for the actual day, as well as to make it easier for them and their guests to submit their responses to invitations. However, if you’re thinking about a wedding website, it can be a great way to keep guests updated on what’s going on.

Why do I need a wedding website?

Let’s be honest; time has changed. We now live in the era of the metaverse, the web3, where everything is interconnected. When you think about ALL the information that needs to be communicated to the guests and the time you need to invest in replying to all of their questions, usually the same ones, it’s no wonder that couples are jumping online to create a wedding website!

You can save a lot of time by referring your friends and family to a website rather than making long phone calls to every person, creating and sending the physical invitations, and keeping track of the sent back for confirmation.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, so let’s simplify things! Depending on which platform you select to build your wedding website, you can have very cool, helpful features like guest list managers, guest sitting table distribution, trackable save the date cards, and much more!

How can I make my own wedding website?

When diving into the best wedding website builders, you will find Wix, Squarespace, Joy, and WordPress. Our favorite option for its easy-to-use platform, beautiful and extensive templates, and limitless functionalities is Elementor Page Builder for WordPress.

Using a wedding template created especially for couples makes the whole process of building the website pretty straightforward from start to finish. The templates are so beautiful that you can also match your wedding card design to the look and feel of your website, and your guests will love the easy-to-use mobile version of your wedding website. Absolutely no coding required, you can just drag and drop to customize your wedding website.

The freedom to choose any combination of elements is perfect for creative couples who want to create their own website. You can easily add your registration information and add RSVP tools, photo galleries, custom domains, and more.

If you’re planning exclusive events, such as a rehearsal for a bridal-only dinner or a bridesmaids-only dinner, don’t list exclusive events on your wedding website. Instead, share this information separately so that other guests don’t feel left out.

Another option for more complex features and outstanding designs is with the help of a design company that takes this weight off your shoulders and offers dedicated website design services for managing invitations, FAQs, travel information, and more.

The Route Options is a digital agency that makes it easy for couples to create a stylish-looking website and track their guests’ reactions, share accommodation information, gather guests’ dietary needs, and more. Each website is custom built and customized by a team of in-house designers creating a great place to start your big day, your wedsite!

So, what is the best alternative for me?

If the most important thing for you is being able to create the website on your own and you don’t mind not having any wedding-related features, use Squarespace or Wix.

If you still want to create the website on your own but have more flexibility on features/functionalities and design tools, use Elementor Page Builder.

If you have an idea of what you want but all this website world is too complicated and want to leave it to the hand of the experts, hire a design company.

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