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WordPress Version 6.2 is Here: What You Need to Know

On March 29, 2023, WordPress released its first major update of 2023, version 6.2 “Dolphy”!

This new update has several significant improvements and features that can enhance your website’s performance and security. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the latest WordPress version 6.2 release.

Improved Security Features

One of the primary focuses of the WordPress version 6.2 release is improved security. This update comes with several new security features that can help protect your website from hackers and malware. Some of the new security features include:

  1. Password Strength Indicator: WordPress 6.2 now includes a password strength indicator when creating a new user account. This feature helps ensure that your website’s users are using strong passwords that are more difficult to hack.
  2. Automatic Software Updates: WordPress 6.2 now includes automatic software updates for minor releases. This means that your website will automatically receive security patches and bug fixes without you having to do anything.
  3. Improved HTTPS Support: HTTPS is now a requirement for all WordPress websites, and WordPress 6.2 makes it easier to implement HTTPS. This update includes improved HTTPS support and makes switching your website to HTTPS easier.

Block Editor Improvements

The block editor has received several enhancements in version 6.2. One of the most notable changes is the introduction of the full-site editing feature, which enables users to edit all aspects of their website’s design in one interface. With this new feature, you can now easily create custom templates for your website’s header, footer, and other sections.

In addition, WordPress 6.2 also includes several new blocks, such as the Query Loop block, which allows users to display a loop of posts or pages based on specific criteria, and the Accordion block, which enables users to create accordion-style menus with collapsible sections.

Enhanced Performance

In addition to improved security features, WordPress 6.2 also comes with several performance enhancements that can help improve your website’s speed and responsiveness. These enhancements include optimized JavaScript loading, reduced server requests, and improved caching mechanisms, all of which can help reduce page load times and improve overall website performance, including:

  1. Lazy Loading Images: WordPress 6.2 now includes native support for lazy-loading images. This means that images on your website will load when the user scrolls to them, which can help speed up your website’s loading time.
  2. Improved Block Editor: The block editor in WordPress 6.2 has been improved with several new features that can enhance your website’s functionality. Some new features include improved drag-and-drop support, keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to select multiple blocks at once.
  3. Better Site Health Check: WordPress 6.2 includes an improved site health check feature that can help you identify any issues with your website’s performance. This feature checks your website for common issues and provides recommendations for how to fix them.

Compatibility with Plugins and Themes

Finally, it’s important to note that WordPress version 6.2 is fully compatible with most plugins and themes. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the plugin and theme developers to ensure they’re fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress before updating.

Check out all the details about this release on the WordPress website.

Time to Update

Wordpress 6.2 update notification

Updating your WordPress version is essential for your website’s success,  as the latest version of WordPress provides important security patches, performance enhancements, and compatibility improvements that can optimize your website’s functionality and safety. Ignoring this update can make your website vulnerable to security breaches, slow loading times, and plugin and theme compatibility issues. 

You can update the WordPress version yourself following these recommendations, or contact your web developer team to do it for you if you are unsure about the whole updating process.


WordPress version 6.2 is an excellent update that comes with several significant improvements and features. Improved security, better performance, and enhanced functionality make this update a must-have for any website owner. If you still need to update to WordPress version 6.2, this is a good time to do so. Check out our previous article on why updating your WordPress version is critical for your website’s success, and follow the steps outlined to ensure a safe and successful update process.

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